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Dr Kerry Ridgeways Myofascial acupoints with Dr Juliane Waas

Course Price

5800 SEK ex moms

Course length

14-15 aug 2021

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Dr Kerry Ridgeways Myofascial acupoints with Dr Juliane Waas


About the course

This extraordinary course allow you to take part of Julianes uniqe competence and experience. Listen to her sharing her knowledge in a nice blend with late Kerry Ridgeways fantastic insights and experience. In true honour.

All in the beautiful small city Hjo by the lake Vättern.

Watch and learn with all your senses when Juliane show you Kerrys own acupuncture points in the practical parts. Let them be part of your practice to evaluate how you can use them. What kind of information can you have by releasing myofascial tensions in your patients with this tecnique.

Information about the course directly from Juliane:

"In the year 2012 I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to shadow Kerry Ridgway, DVM in is equine practice in Aiken, South Carolina, for two weeks.

Kerry was an equine veterinarian with all his heart. Besides the “Ridgway Protocol” used in endurance rides for judging the fitness of the horse to continue the race, he developed a manual protocol for the diagnosis of gastro-intestinal ulcers and a set of Acupoints to very effectively release hypertension in specific muscle groups in horses.

Learning those points – their effects, how to find them and how to treat them – was the goal of my stay with Kerry. What I got was so much more: besides the points and their actions he generously shared as much of his knowledge with me as was possible in such a short time.

In this course I will be passing on a lot of the knowledge I obtained from Kerry. I have added up to date research about fascia, as it explains why and how many of the points Kerry found work. I will also teach his musculofascial release points. To make sure everyone is able to find the points by the end of the two day course I will help everyone individually to locate the points and develop a feel for where they are. Also one approach of palpation for muscles in hypertension will be in the practical part of the course.

You will walk away with a new tool in your toolbox to take hypertension from the horses you work on, making training easier for everyone (horse and rider) and handing you a piece for the puzzle of preventing degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system."

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